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Improve the Accuracy of Microbiome Measurements

Microbiomics and Metagenomics have propelled Microbiology into a new and exciting era. Despite these massive advances in technology, the field has been criticized for poor data quality and irreproducibility. Even the measurements from leaders in the field do not agree (1, 2). It is time to ensure that our microbiome measurements are accurate and reproducible.

To learn more about the technical challenges in microbiome measurements and the new innovations developed by Zymo Research to address these challenges, click here to download our Special Edition of the PeanutsĀ® newsletter focusing on microbiomics research.

This newsletters includes contributions from Dr. Jonathan Eisen, Dr. Guatam Dantas, Dr. Scott Tighe, Dr. Christopher Mason, and Hamilton Robotics.

The topics of this issue of PeanutsĀ® include:

(1) The need for microbiome reference materials
(2) Preserving microbiome samples at ambient temperature
(3) Eliminating bias of microbial cell lysis during DNA extraction
(4) Controlling bias during NGS library preparation
(5) Dealing with low biomass samples
(6) Preventing bias caused by freeze-thaw cycling
(7) Lysing bacterial endospores
(8) Preventing contamination in your microbiomics workflow
(9) Depleting host DNA

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[1] Saey TH: Here is the poop on getting your gut microbiome analyzed. In: Science News. vol. 2017; 2014.
[2] Wesolowska-Andersen A, Bahl MI, Carvalho V, Kristiansen K, Sicheritz-Ponten T, Gupta R, Licht TR: Choice of bacterial DNA extraction method from fecal material influences community structure as evaluated by metagenomic analysis. Microbiome 2014, 2:19.